Car Flagpole Co.


Selling Exclusive Car Flagpoles WorldWide

Car flagpoles for official cars – used by Diplomats, Embassies, UN, EU, Governments, Classic car owners and other people all around the world who want a exclusive car flag pole for ceremonial use.

Company started in September 2003 by me Anders Jensen. Before that 1983 to Mars 2006 I was employed as Accessoy manager at Volvo Car Corporation, VCI-2, Customer Avenue 1, 40531 Goteborg, Sweden. During this period I was responsible for the accessory programs including car flagpoles. This flagpole is the same as I sell in my company This flagpole of very high quality have Volvo sold to diplomats for over 30 years.

Car Flagpole Co.
Angskogsvagen 22b
41743 Goteborg
Phone +46705434397