Car Flagpole Co.

Fixed telescopic flagpole "Exclusive" with quick bayonet coupling for easy mount and demount. With 25 mm flagpoleknob.

Diplomatic car flagpole "Exclusive" is used by Embassies, UN, Governments, classic car owners and people all around the world who want an exclusive telescopic car flagpole in polished stainless steel.  

Offer includes the following:
  • 1 fixed telescopic flagpole "Exclusive" with quick bayonet coupling for easy mount and demount
  • Freight cost worldwide
  • V.A.T tax 25% for customers in EU
  • Pre-mounted car flagpole holder for left or right front fender
  • Reinforcing plate inside fender
  • The car flagpole is universal and fits all car models. Different distance washers in 10,20,30 or 45 degrees are included ​in the kit (depends on car model - please include information about car model on next side).
  • Car flag pole holder are covered by decorative cover plate when not in use
  • Equipped with SAF (Safety shock-absorbing function). This means that the flagpole will be fold back when it hits by a´ 5 kg strong force at the top of the flagpole. This is to reduce injuries in an eventualy collision. This also means that the maximum speed for the flagpole is 120 km/hour. Otherwise the flag weight and the windflow can get the flagpole to bee folded back.
  • Also available without SAF for unlimited speed. Please note: "For Diplomatic use only"
  • Exclusively made of polished stainless steel.
  • With 25 mm gold coated flagpole knob.
  • Telescopic car flagpole "Exclusive"
  • - min height 390 mm (15")
  • - max height 680 mm (27")
  • Flag size up to max 35x50 cm
  • Flag with a sleeve/tunnel at the front shall be used. The flag pole sticks into the flag. Flag is not included.
  • Made in Sweden

395 EUR